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Z-Coil Shoes at Foot Professional

In order to determine which Z-Coil footwear is right for you please visit our store at 3314 N. Cole Road. Our expertly trained foot professionals are ready to guide you through the fitting process.

For more information on Z-Coil footwear you can also call us at (208) 375-7431


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f2k blue

Style: Freedom 2000

Colors: Blue/white; black/black; white/white; gray/black

Details: Available in women's 6-10 and men's 9-14

  • Excellent durability and breathability
  • Full-grain leather upper with nylon mesh
  • Lined with breathable spandex material
  • Padded tongue
  • Extra soft, felt-lined insole
  • Reflector accents for nighttime safety

    The Freedom 2000 is the most popular "Z-Style" in our inventory. This is an athletic shoe that is designed to accomdate your exercize regimen. Whether you're walking, running, or just strolling around the Boise Town Center on a Saturday, the Freedom 2000 is the perfect shoe for your activity.

Style: Z-Walker

Colors: Black; white

Details: Available in women's 6-10 and men's 9-14

  • Full-grain leather
  • Padded leather tongue
  • Extra soft, felt-lined insole
  • Double toe stitching
  • Also available with velcro closures for quick and easy on/off
  • Steel toe model includes enclosed heel, is ANSI compliant

The Z-Walker is our "all around" shoe. Comfortable, and durable, the Z-Walker is great for just about any environment. They are great as a "dress casual" work shoe, and the ANSI compliant steel toe model is excellent for light industrial work environments.


Style: High Desert Hiker

Colors: Brown/black; gray/black

Details: Available in women's 7-10 and men's 9-14

  • Rugged all-terrain hiking boot
  • Exceptional support and cushioning, even under the harshest conditions
  • Flexible and breathable noble nubuck leather upper, with breathable polyester mesh
  • Padded tongue
  • Extra-soft felt lined insoles
  • Reflector accents for nighttime safety

The High Desert Hiker is the ultimate hiking shoe. The design of this shoe is tough enough to handle whatever you can throw at it. Whether walking trails or just the beautiful Boise Green Belt, the High Desert Hiker is a great supportive "all terrain" hiker.


Style: Taos Clog

Colors: Black


Taos Clog

  • "Slip-on/slip-off style
  • Classic clog design updated with Z-Coil technology
  • Lined with breathable spandex to provide support around the foot
  • Extra soft felt-lined insoles
  • Avalable in women's 6-11 and men's 9-15

Clogs to match your "dress casual" work environment. the Taos clogs look great with a pair of jeans or with your favorite Sunday clothes.



Style: Sidewinder Sandal (Discontinued, call for sizing)

Colors: Black; tan; dark brown

Details: Discontinued. Call for sizes.

  • Rugged all-terrain sport sandal
  • Padded full-grain leather
  • Adjustable velcro straps
  • Extra soft leather or synthetic insoles
  • Wide sizes available for men and women
  • Available in men's sizes 9-14 and women's 7-10

Our Sidewinder Sandal is the perfect sandal for summertime. Keep those coils on your feet and enjoy the sun at the same time. Sidewinders are available in full grain leather or synthetic for your style needs and your lifestyle


Style: Z-Duty 7" Workboot

Colors: Black

Details: Available in women's 6-10 and men's 8-14

  • Supple yet durable full-grain leather
  • Enclosed coil
  • Cushioned lining
  • Locking hook lacing ("quick lace") on upper portion of boot
  • Available in steel toe and ANSI compliant models

Finally, a boot that is tough and comfortable all at the same time. If you can dish it out, chances are the Z-Duty Workboot can take it. Our customers who wear these boots range from farm workers, to electricians, to police officers. The Z-Duty Workboot is definately a "work-proven" piece of footwear.

Other Z-Coil Styles
(Test Market products. Call for availability)
Santa Fe
Fashionable T-strap style. Comes in black
and navy blue
Comfortable stylish brown clog style shoe Features new EVA footbed and low-profile coil.. Full grain leather dress shoe. Professional look, fit and style.
Z-port Z-Breeze
Z-Port Z-Breeze Z-Trek
(limited edition)
Men's dress sandal, features new EVA footbed.

Women's dress sandal, features new EVA footbed and low-profile coil

This is what it would look like if the Freedom and the Hiker had a baby. Rugged outdoors lowtop hiker style for your casual or outdoors activities.



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