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  "Because foot problems should be solved, not tolerated"

Treatment Options


We at Foot Professional believe in the power of informed choices. This means that instead of limiting your choices, we give you all the information about your various options and advise you as to what we think might work best.

Following are some treatment options you have at Foot Professional:



As a business which caters to the variety of needs we understand that some of our customers want the most simple "fix" for their problem. Sometimes this means buying an "OTC" - Over the Counter - product to alleviate symptoms. At Foot Professional we carry a variety of prefabricated orthotics to treat your symptoms.



When simple treatment of symptoms does not help, or if you want to treat the real source of your pain, you can get a foot examination by Dr. Kevin Hearon, D.C. Doctor Hearon is one of the foremost experts in chiropractic, in the treatment of the extremities. Should you decide to see the doctor you will receive one of the most comprehensive chiropractic and biomechanic foot exams available.



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