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  "Because foot problems should be solved, not tolerated"

Custom Orthotics

At Foot Professional we recognize that many of the standard prefabricated orthotics do not sufficiently address problems of the feet. If you're one of the many people out there that have tried just about every prefabricated orthotic on the market, and still have found little relief, we probably have the solution for you.

Dr. Kevin Hearon, DC, has developed special methods for identifying and treating injuries and pathologies of the feet. His many years of experience in Sports Chiropractic medicine and athletic training have equipped him to create this unique combination chiropractic clinic, gait lab, Z-Coil shoe store, and orthotics fabrication lab which we call "Foot Professional."

At Foot Professional we feature a 7-point foot examination and gait analysis in order to determine how well your feet function. Dr. Hearon will then bring your feet into their normal function through chiropractic manipulation of the 26 bones in your feet. Once your feet are properly aligned we can use a few different methods to make an orthotic for you which will keep your feet functioning in their optimal state, for whatever your lifestyle demands.

First, Biothotics give us the ability to fabricate an orthotic which will support our doctors' chiropractic manipulation of the feet, as well as your busy lifestyle. We can make a Biothotic orthotic for you in about an hour. Watch the video below for more information:

Another method of making a custom orthotic is through the process of acquiring an accurate three-dimensional representation of the foot in its neutral position, and then sending that representation to an orthotics lab. The orthotics lab will then take the scan, cast, or mold of your feet and fabricate an orthotic to the specific dimensions that we order for you.

At Foot Professional we use two methods to acquire an accurate three-dimensional representation of your feet.

"Bio-Foam," is an impression foam product that we use to get an accurate impression of your feet.

Once this impression is made we send the casts to Comfort Fit labs, where they make a custom orthotic to the specifications which we require. Usually we will get your completed custom orthotics in about a week.








Finally, the Amfit system is our "state of the art" method of acquiring a three-dimensional representation of your feet.

We use the Amfit machine (shown at far left) to accurately scan the bottom of your feet, to within a half millimeter of accuracy.
The bottom surface of your feet is recorded in an electronic file which looks similar to a relief map. We can manipulate that file according to the type of orthotic modifications which we require. Then the file is sent to Amfit Labs, where your orthotic is fabricated. The completed custom orthotic returns to us in about 4 days.

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